asters in sage artist portraitReka Lena founder and artist, Elena Avanesova grew up in the shadow of the ancient Silk Road in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, which for centuries has been an intersection of East and West. Her childhood, in the political and cultural environment of the Soviet Union, triggered a life-long search for brighter colors and more expressive art and design. Shortly after completing ten years of intensive training in fine arts, concentrating in oil painting, Elena took up residence in Bangkok, Thailand. While pursuing a business degree, she continued to develop her artistic palate, experimenting with colors, textures and patterns. She went on to live on the Côte d’Azur, in rural England, and central Switzerland, capturing local scenes with oil on canvas. Since then, she has expanded into graphic design, first studying at the Rhode Island School of design and taking on small commercial and non-profit projects. Now, in her studio outside Los Angeles, Elena is distilling the sights, colors and emotions of her artistic and geographic journeys into brilliantly exotic and fashionable designs printed on silk, and creating original paintings on canvas for residential and commercial interior design projects.