Reka Lena is a company in Agoura Hills, California that began with an extraordinary artist, Elena Avanesova. Her love and passion for art grew into a company with multiple branches extending its reach. With a traveler’s heart, Elena is distilling the sights, colors and emotions of her artistic and geographic journeys into brilliantly exotic and fashionable designs printed on silk, and creating original paintings on canvas for residential and commercial interior design projects.

The company, Reka Lena, was established in 2013 and has grown from that time. Reka Lena is a wholesale publisher and distributor of fine art canvases and paintings. Reka Lena serves a wide range of customers, from wholesale art buyers, residential art buyers, frame shops and art consultants to designers, corporations, hotels, hospitals, and art collectors.

Under Reka Lena Art Group LLC, remember to visit our sister sites: Poiesis Gallery and Art Studio Agoura.